Mission Statement

ASAP is dedicated to strengthening community awareness through substance misuse education and prevention services to individuals, schools, industries, affected individuals and families residing in the State of Alabama.


In 1987, the Regional Alcoholism Council formally became the Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention. Today, ASAP provides substance misuse prevention education and intervention services to: schools, community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, industries, churches and a variety of other organizations and institutions throughout the community.

Services & Resources

ASAP provides a variety or support groups, awareness programs, workshops, and training. A wide range of materials are available upon request to assist your organization efforts towards substance misuse prevention and other topics.

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Seyram Selase B.S., I.C.P.S., C.P.M.

Jason Lindell B.S., C.P.S.

Iesha Beard B.A., A.P.S.

Pastor Byron Jackson, B.S., M.Div.

Faith-Based Support Specialist Ambassador


DaMarco Curry, B.S.

LaTasha Aguirre, L.B.S.W.